Sunday, February 22, 2009


Just a couple of cardinal pictures from my Presidents Day photo shoot. I hope to get some more turkey pictures in the future as soon as I get the time to edit them.

Female Cardinal Canon Rebel XT 75-300 Zoom Lense
Male cardinal: Rebel XT 75-300 zoom lense

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

President's Day A great day for taking pictures

On President's Day ,being lucky enough to have the day of from work I decided to go meet up with a good friend for a day of photography. Meeting him at his house just around day break we loaded our equipment up and headed to our favorite spot to take wildlife pictures. Once we arrived and got our equipment set up it wasn't long before the wildlife started showing up.

First a few deer showed up and not far behind them some turkeys. I have never been able to get any good pictures of turkeys yet as i have just recently purchased a good digital SLR. Thanks to a couple of friends loaning me some more powerful lenses I was able to get some decent pictures today. Some may say these are not very high quality pictures but for now I am pretty satisfied.

This flock of turkeys showed up shortly after daylight and feed for several minutes in front of us allowing for some very good shots.
This is probably one of the best shots I have ever gotten of a strutting gobbler. Although not a great shot it is fairly good for the equipment I was using.
While photographing the turkeys a gray squirrell showed up very close to us and offered a good opportunity to photograph him.
This woodpecker also came in to the feeding station and at first I thought the picture was useless but after a few minutes of editing I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

And finally what better way to end a day of photography on Presidents Day than with a rare opportunity to photograph our National Symbol the Bald Eagle. This particular eagle had been feeding on a deer carcass that was lying along a stream. It allowed us to take several shots before finally flying off. It has been a long time since I have had a day with this much excitement. A much deserved thanks to Willard Hill for allowing me the use of some of his quality equipment to capture a shot of what some people in our area only dream of seeing.

Thanks for looking. Any and all coments are welcome.

Please check back in the future for more pictures and stories from my adventures.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Valentines Day trip To Elk County

On Valentines Day my wife and I decided to take a trip to Elk County and see the PA Elk. We have not been to Elk County for a couple of years. When we arrived the weather proved to be less than perfect for picture taking. We did manage to get a couple of good shots between periods of snow. Some of the pictures are blured from the snow but all in all we still had a good time. This picture is an old railroad bridge over the Sinnamhoning River.

A few elk heading over the top of the hill to lie down and rest for awile.

This picture is a view of the George B. Stevenson Reservoir take
from the top of the dam.

This was the only bull elk of any size we saw that day we saw plenty
of cows and small bulls but due to the recent hunts in the area some
of the bigger bulls are gone.