Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sky Watch

The other evening while watching a track meet at our local high school I was thinking of what to do for Skywatch this week. I looked up on the mountain and had a very clear view of a launching pad for hang gliders. I'm not sure I want to jump off the top of a mountain with a big set of bird wings, but if thats what turns you on "go for it".

I never pass up a shot at Old Glory waving proudly in the breeze.

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Getting ready for Trout Season

The other day I took a day off work to assist the local Conservation Officer with the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, stock some of the local trout streams in preparation for the opening day of fishing season.

When the fish truck comes around all the locals turn out to follow it around. You would thing that gas is free when you look at the amount of vehicles that follow the truck. This photo was take after around half of the vehicles left the parade.

This is a shot of the local Conservation officer on the fish truck preparing to off load some fish onto the pick up to be hauled back off the road to the stream. The Fish and Boat Commission rely heavily on volunteer help to make sure the fish get from the truck to the stream, and with most streams nt being assessable from the main road the must be carried or hauled in big barrels on trucks to make it to the stream.

While assisting with traffic control I spooked a duck from the grass. Wondering why it was so close the road I found her nest in the grass. This nest is only approx. 10-15 feet off the main road. I wonder what it's chance of survival is.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Happy Easter everyone. Today has been a very busy day. With family comming for Easter Dinner, and all the kids here it is a little crazy. Just thought I'd take a quick minute and wish everyone a Blessed Easter. Below is the Easter tree my mother put up in her house.

This is a shot of a small tree in the neighbors yard at my parents house. Hope you enjoy.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Farewell to Winter

As the sunset each evening bids farewell to the day, so we will bid farewell to winter with one final post of a beautiful winer sunset. This is a view from my house accross the field, earlier this winter when everything was covered in a glaze of ice.
I have been very busy this week with various chores and have had very little time to take pictures or post anything. I did manage to take some pictures today as it was very beautiful out. Hopefully I will get some editing done and have a few posts for the upcomming week.
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Thursday, April 2, 2009

An Evening Sunset

The other evening after our trip to the lake I took my daughter to her soccer practice. While sitting there I noticed how the sun was starting to fall out of the clouds as it headed for the horizon, and thought what a great picture for Skywatch. Hope you enjoy.
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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

An evening at the lake

Tuesday evening here was sunny and warm, (around 60 degrees) so my wife and I decided to go to a local lake to take some pictures. Upon arriving we found a couple of boats on the lake with people fishing. This is a public lake located on State Game Lands and maintained by the PA Fish and Boat Commission.

Below is a picture of the boat ramp taken from the breast of the dam.

This picture is the spillway or overflow located bside the dam. In the summer months very little water goes ove the spillway due to dry weather.

Finally a close up picture of the water as it makes it way down stream and into Roaring Run.

This area is one of my favorite places to visit as you can become lost in the solitude. As I think back to last fall on day in October when my wife, my daughter Sierra and I decided to travel here to take pictures from the mountain top. Not giving it much thought my daughter and I went on ahead of Jean only to hear her scream. I immediatly knew what was wrong as I know the reputation for this area. When I turned around I saw a rattlesnake lying on the ground between us. I kew that Sierra and I had just walked right over top of it. Needless to say we left immediatly without taking any pictures, just glad to be safe. To think such a beautiful area can have such hidden dangers.
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