Sunday, November 22, 2009

Archery Deer Season ( The Wrong Way )

Today I decided to post a case I was involved wih earlier this fall during the archery season.

The tree stand in this picture is a typical stand found in the woods of rural Fulton County this time of year. Hunting from an elevated platform gives the hunter a much better view of the area. Nothing wrong with it by istself.

When you look at the next picture you can clearly see why I became involved. The individuals using this particular stand were placing bait under it to entice deer. In PA this is a violation of the Game and Wildlife Code. This is very common especially during the archery season as one must be able to get very close to a deer to get a good shot with a bow.

In this particular case the hunters were using shelled corn and pears as bait. They had dumped well over 100 pounds of shelled corn on the ground between the 2 stands. As you can see this is a large pile of corn. Upon further investigaton it was determined that one of the hunters did not have a valid hunting license because he had been cited the previous year for killing an illegal deer and his hunting privledges had been revoked. Needless to say this will add another year on to his revocation.

There is nothing sporting about killing a deer when it is comming in to your stand for supper.
I can only say I am glad we were able to apprehend these individuals before they were able to kill anything this time. Both individuals have since pled guilty to hunting over bait, and also one count of hunting while on revocation.


Brad Myers said...

I am glad you busted the guy, he deserves not to ba able to hunt in Pa.

A couple of weeks ago we had a mountain fire close to Shippensburg and behind the cabin was a large pile of apples. When the alpa units arrived it was pointed out to them and they assured us the individula would be caught. I hope there out come was the same as yours.

I think I will run down to SNP for the day after Thanksgiving, taking my son along for the day and hoping to see some nice bucks.

Coy said...

Good grab ranger!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Ranger: It seems people will take every advantage of the neat animal.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for helping the deer. It makes me sick to think about all of the awful things that go on during hunting seasons.
Also, thank you for bringing awareness to this issue.