Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A trip to Shenandoah national Park

As the alarm sounded at 2:00 Am it is usually hard to drag oneself out of bed. Today however was different. I was traveling with Coy of Country Captures to Shenandoah National Park to photograph whitetails. This would be my first trip in around 5 years. Once we arrived however we were somewhat disappointed at the amount of deer we saw. I did manage to come away with a couple of decent shots. Oh well as they say " a bad day hunting is still better than a good day at work". i hope you enjoy these shots.

One of the first things we saw was a flock of turkeys. I managed to shoot this one as he jumped up on the stone wall that borders the road. Did I mention that shooting from the vehicle is legal when you use a camera.

Then we came accross this young buck standing along the road. After a little manovering I was able to get a good shot of him against the mountain.

And this guy was just simply not in the posing mood today, and hurried out of the area.
Hopefully now with the longer evenings, and maybe a little less time in front of the TV I will be able to keep up with the blogging once more. I sure missed it.
Thanks Ranger


Brad Myers said...

Andy it was noce meeting you at SNP. Maybe we can do it again sometime. It may have been my first trip but it won't be my last one. Good photos to bad those darn turkeys didn't stick around for me. Brad

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Ranger: What a cool photo of both the deer and turkey, I liked the story of the encounter.

Corker2 said...

Happen to come across your nice Blog from Coy. Your wildlife Images are pretty good. Getting up @ 2:00 am would be a bit rough on me too. I'm sure that it was well worth it. What I would not mind is getting a Image of the Wild Turkey just when he's "strutting" his stuff for a Hen. They must be an awesome site to see in Nature.

Nice to meet you, and stay well.
Reading, PA